Is 'New Girl' Renewed For Season 5? Don't Worry, These Loftmates Aren't Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

May finales are still a long ways away (if you don't believe me just count the icicles on my nose), but it's never too early to start thinking about the fate of your most beloved shows. And while some networks like The CW have already eased our cancelation woes by picking up its entire fall lineup, other networks such as Fox seem keen on torturing us with a slower renewal process. Though the network has announced Empire, Gotham, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine will all be back for more, the renewal for New Girl Season 5 remains up in the air. Hard to believe, I know. But I wouldn't get too worried about the show's future if I were you.

According to what Fox TV Group chairman Dana Walden told Deadline, the network is very pleased with the direction New Girl is going, noting that the series feels "reinvigorated." And I have to agree. Season 4 has picked up the pieces of what a very rocky Season 3 left behind and helped to revamp the sitcom back into its former glory. Sure, the ratings could always be better. Last Tuesday's episode "The Crawl" only pulled in a whopping 2.71 million viewers, though it still managed to beat the likes of Parks and Rec (2.47), Marry Me (2.18), and The Mindy Project (2.33). So even with viewership slightly down from what it was last year (an average of 2.97 million), it's still more than respectable enough to earn another season pick-up.

But just in case you need a little more convincing in regards to the show's continued success, I thought I'd let these guys help do the rest of the explaining…

The Lack of Competition

As far as sitcoms go, New Girl isn't really competing against anything that poses a big threat. As I mentioned earlier, Marry Me (which airs at the same time on NBC) is not doing well in the ratings department and will most likely get canceled sometime this spring. Other than that, it's just pretty much straight drama across the board during the 9 p.m. time slot, so taking New Girl away just wouldn't make much sense. I need some laughter with my Tuesday nights, people!

There's Still So Much Story To Tell

Will Nick and Jess ever get back together? Will Cece ever tell Schmidt how she feels? The plot has the potential to go in so many different directions, it would be wrong to deprive viewers of seeing how it all plays out.

There Are More Catchphrases To Be Had

The Douchebag Jar… We built this Schmidty… True American. We would not have any of these things in our lives if it wasn't for this merry gang of hysterical misfits. And something tells me they're only just getting started. Just think of what we'll miss out on if they aren't allowed to continue on their quest for comedic gold? This show deserves better than that. And so do we.

Images: Ray Mickshaw/FOX; Giphy (2); newgirlthings/Tumblr