"One Last Time" or 'Hunger Games'?

Pint-sized pop starlet Ariana Grande debuted the video for "One Last Time," and it's like every YA Dystopian novel you read ("read" meaning "watched the movie version). Well, kind of: YA dystopian novels tend to be characterized by a corrupt government body that holds some dominance over youth in particular, and is challenged by some outstanding savior figure that in some way breaks from the mold. Grande's video is about, I don't know, some meteor shower that turns the world pink or something. So they're different in that sense.

But in other ways, they are nearly indistinguishable, and in fact I'd like to put you to the test to see if you can tell them apart. I've compiled screenshots from a selection of Dystopian movies, and mixed them up with screenshots from Grande's video.

Truth be told, I like my pop stars and YA dystopian movies like I like my salad and spaghetti: totally separate. But with all respect to Lorde and every one of those soundtracks, here's a test that mis-matches images of Grande's video and futuristic rebellion. I know it's difficult, but I believe in your ability to tell the two apart.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Test #1: Of these revolts, which one is Grande's music video and which one is a YA Dystopian Novel?

Hint: Seems like a stock revolt in the top screenshot.

Answer: Top is the music video, bottom is The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part One.

Test #2: Hunger Games forcefield malfunction or "One Last Time" incoming meteor?

Hint: Hunger Games forcefields are pretty much invisible and definitely not magenta.

Answer: "One Last Time" incoming meteor.

Test #3: Is this city a backdrop for Grande to wax philosophically, or the backdrop of a revolution?

Hint: The color scheme and clarity is way different than what's seen in Grande's music video.

Answer: The backdrop of a revolution, in particularly it's a Dystopian Chicago from the film "Divergent."

Test #4: Katniss Everdeen? Beatrice Prior? Ariana Grande?

Hint: Everdeen and Prior are round of chin, and Grande's chin is on point.

Answer: Grande, looking out into a world that seems ruled by My Little Ponies... of Destruction.

Test #5: Who is this injured boy, a hurt Maze Runner extra or a rando in Grande's video?

Hint: Dystopian fashion is distinctly monotonous, futuristic, and bland (Effie Trinket aside). If there's anything it's not, it would be flannel button-ups and jeans.

Answer: Rando in Grande's video, duh.

Test #6: Taylor Swift is a pop star like Grande. Pop stars are most commonly seen in music videos. So in the following picture, is Swift making a cameo in Grande's video, or elsewhere?

Hint: If Swift made a cameo in Grande's music video it would be all we would talk about it for a week.

Answer: Elsewhere, particularly in The Giver.

Test #7: Which one's Grande and which one's Shailene Woodley?

Hint: The one that looks like Woodley is Woodley, the one that looks like Grande is Grande.

Answer: Woodley at the top, Grande at the bottom.

Images: YouTube (7)