9 Things You Never Noticed In The 'SPN' Pilot

Can you believe Supernatural has been on for 10 years? It's the demonic series that keeps on going, and, thankfully, we keep getting served more and more of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as Dean and Sam Winchester, respectively. So much has happened in the past 10 years that it's hard to keep track of everything they've hunted, all that they've said, and every interaction they've shared. With that said, have you ever gone back and watched the pilot episode to see how it all began?

Well, if you don't have time or don't want to, don't worry, because I took it upon myself to do just that. Plus, I can't get enough of Sam and Dean, so it made for a great hour out of my day.

After re-watching the pilot (which I haven't watched in its entirety, save for bits and pieces when it airs on TNT, for a long time), I picked up on quite a few things that I never noticed before or remember from the first time I watched the episode. With that said, here are nine things that you probably never paid attention to in the Supernatural pilot and about our favorite pair of hunters on television. You are so welcome.

Sam and Dean Look Like Babies

Seeing as the pilot aired 10 years ago, it makes sense that Sam and Dean look like babies. I think we all forget that Ackles was 26 and Padalecki was 22 when the series started. Like the Winchester brothers, we've seen them grow into men.

Sarah Shahi Plays The Woman in White

You might recognize her best for playing Shaw in Person of Interest or Carmen in The L Word. In the Supernatural pilot, Shahi played Constance Welch, aka The Woman in White, the very first spirit we see Sam and Dean hunt together.

Sam's Always Been A Health Nut

Unlike Dean who can't get enough of burgers and pie, Sam loves his healthy foods, including salads. In the very first episode, Dean grabs some snacks from a gas station and Sam refuses to put that into his body. No wonder Sam's body turns into some kind of temple.

Dean's Wearing That Famous Necklace

We are no stranger to that necklace/amulet Dean wears from the get-go. As we all know, it turns out to be significant to the brothers, especially Dean. At one point, Castiel even thinks he can use it to guide him to God. Who knew that a necklace could be so precious?

It Foreshadowed Sam's Bloody Demon Connection

We were all shocked to learn that Sammy had demon blood in him, but did you know the pilot foreshadowed just that? At the beginning of the pilot, John reaches into Sam's crib and blood from Mary's body drips onto his hand right next to Sam's face. Then, at the end, Jessica's blood drips onto Sam's face while he watches her burn. Coincidence? I think not.

Sam Set Himself Up To Have The Life He Never Wanted

Sam started out wanting the "normal" life of a lawyer, which he tells Dean repeatedly in the pilot. From declaring the hunter life won't become his life to saying he won't live like Dean and John, Sam basically jinxes himself. Sorry, Sammy, but you'll always be a hunter.

Sam and Dean Said Those Two Favorite Words

From the very beginning these two have shared these terms of endearment. It never gets old when they call one another "jerk" and "bitch."

Dean Is The "Bad Boy" And Sam Is The "Good Guy"

Did you ever notice how Dean started out as the so-called "bad boy" and Sam was the so-called "good guy"? Yeah, well that was definitely misleading. I'm not saying either are 100 percent good or bad, but we all know the road Sam's traveled. If you compared that road to Dean's and Sammy looks like the devil — pun intended.

Dean Was Always Meant to Save Sam

Lastly, as all Supernatural fans know, Dean is always saving Sam (even if we are seeing the reverse of that this season). Well, he's done that his entire life from the time Sam was a baby. I guess Dean was meant to be his brother's savior.

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