'Supernatural' Episode 200 Better Have a Bro-Hug

It is finally here! The 200th musical episode of Supernatural, titled "Fan Fiction," is so close I can taste it, the way Dean can always smell a pie from a mile away. When it was announced that this special episode would be "musical-ish," some fans screamed in delight, while others gasped in horror. How can a show focused on two brothers hunting some of the world's most evil creatures transform into a show with singing characters? It just seems off the wall, but of course, Supernatural is no stranger to the weird and unknown. Also, it's no secret that the drama uses classic rock music beautifully, so it kind of make sense to use the milestone episode as a way to channel that beloved element.

In addition to knowing that the episode will include music, we also know that an all-girls school will be putting on a play in honor of Carver Edlund's (aka Chuck Shurley) Supernatural books, as reported by Entertainment Weekly. We will also see beloved characters return, which I assume will be in the form of them on stage as told by this production. Will we see familiar faces in the flesh (we know Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard won't be appearing as Castiel and Crowley, respectively), so to speak? That's being kept under wraps, but many hope it will indeed be Chuck (oh how we miss this prophet-turned-possible-God), especially since Jensen Ackles revealed to EW that in addition to Dean and Sam, only one other male will be seen. Please be Chuck. Please be Chuck.

But besides those small details, the plot is being kept quite secret. Showrunner Jeremy Carver told The Hollywood Reporter "Fan Fiction" will be "a love letter to the fans," which I can only hope turns me into a fan that just can't stop laughing, smiling, and crying, because the 200th goes above and beyond what I'm hoping it to be.

Obviously, we'll have to wait until the episode airs, but until then, here's what I hope to see in the big 200th.

Dean & Sam Stereotypes

From Dean loving food to Sam's gorgeous locks to Dean's adoration for his car to Sam's more serious side, Supernatural fans definitely are not strangers to all of the quirks and traits associated with the Winchesters. Luckily, Jared Padalecki revealed we will indeed get to see this, telling TV Guide, "Fans should expect to see 'Some Sam and Dean stereotypes.'" Hell yeah!

Tribute to All Characters, Good & Evil

You can't have a huge episode without a tribute to every character that made some type of impact on the series and its main characters. Clearly, we'll see a tribute to Sam, Dean, Castiel, Bobby, Mary, John, and Crowley, among many others, but I hope others aren't forgotten, like Meg, Jo, Ellen, Rufus, Gabriel... the list goes on and on.

The Infamous Bro-Hug

Sam and Dean hug — a lot. Let's cross our fingers for both a touching hug on and off stage. Seriously, their love for one another is swoonworthy.

Traditional Monster of the Week

Seeing as the plot of the 200th is hush, hush, will there be a monster of the week? I'd love to see the episode go back to its roots of the traditional hunt of one monster, rather than focusing on the deeper plotlines, like Demon Dean (don't get me wrong, I love this storyline) and the Mark of Cain. Keep it simple, sentimental, and meaningful.

Until Tuesday night when we finally get to see what's in store, I'll leave you with this exclusive video obtained by Variety featuring "Carry On Wayward Son," which will always be associated with Supernatural and the Winchester brothers. FYI, Sam and Dean look like they're on the verge of tears, and I can't handle this amazing moment.

Images: Katie Yu, Diyah Pera/The CW; welovedemondean, mooseleys, stayinsidethesalt, watsns/Tumblr