15 Funky Coats For All The New York Fashion Week Style Inspo You Need

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Balmy weather. Pink skies. This is all I want. Everybody and their mother is over the polar vortex that has been hitting the East coast. Not to mention the red noses, frost bite, and 50 mile per hour winds — none of which do pleasant things to our states of mind. But you can't deny that while we're freezing our bubble butts off, fashion still prevails. And at the zenith of this prevalence in mid-February is the winter coat.

The painful chill of the season means it's time to slap on ski masks, snoods, and parkas. I've even been tempted to trek out in a snowsuit a couple of times. Fashion never fails to put a smile on my face when life feels gray and gloomy, though. So I put together a collection of some of the grooviest, jazziest, funkiest coats you might ever see. Ever. And, of course, many can be found all over New York City right now for February Fashion Week. I challenge y'all to find yourself a funky coat, too — and I bet it will have you feeling perkier in no time.

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