Gaga's Most Romantic Lyrics

Congratulations are in order for Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney — the longtime couple is engaged! As Us Weekly first reported, Chicago Fire actor Kinney popped the question to his pop star girlfriend on Feb. 14 — a.k.a. Valentine's Day — and she happily said yes. The couple, who first got together after playing love interests in Gaga's video for "You & I," have been head-over-heels in love since 2011, and it's clear that their love is the real deal. According to Gaga's interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Kinney is "quite weird" and the two of them really "complement each other's weirdness." That's one love story that I can get behind, 100%, and it's fantastic that these two little weirdos found each other in what I can only assume seems like a sea of banality for them. Congrats, you crazy kids.

Fans of Gaga's music have already gotten a glimpse into how the lady feels about love. The singer may be famous for her dance numbers or her self-acceptance anthems like "Born This Way," but if you dive into her lyrics she's actually quite a romantic. Some of her lines are perfect to spew at your significant other, even if the message of the rest of the song isn't quite as lovey-dovey. Here are the most romantic lines from Gaga's tunes.

"So happy I could die/Be your best friend/Yeah I'll love you forever/Up in the clouds/We'll be higher than ever" "So Happy I Could Die," The Fame Monster

"And I know that it's complicated /But I'm a loser in love" "Speechless," The Fame Monster

"My heart would break without you/Might not be awake without you" "Dope," ArtPop

"It’s been a long time since I came around/Been a long time but I’m back in town/And this time I’m not leaving without you” - "You and I," Born This Way

"I'm gonna run right to/To the edge with you/Where we'll both fall far in love" "The Edge of Glory," Born This Way

"We could/we could belong together" "ARTPOP," ArtPop

"I have fought for how I love you," "Americano," Born This Way

"I'd give anything again to be your baby doll," "You and I," Born This Way

"If you ever let me go/I would fall apart/If you break my heart," "Do What U Want," ArtPop

Go live out your real-life love story, you two.

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