Alan Thicke Believes Son, Robin, And Wife Paula Patton Are The Next "Brangelina": Oh, Mr. Seaver

...if they hurry up and "adopt a few Ethiopian kids." C'mon, Mr. Seaver, we expect better from you. Over the weekend, Alan Thicke sang the praises of his son and daughter-in-law to Us Weekly (pun intended), calling the R&B performer and his actress wife a "power couple" and gushing with pride over their success. He also made a bold prediction that the couple is on the fast track to becoming the next "Brangelina." Robaula? Paulin? Not really the same ring to it, Alan.

Thicke, who's pretty much just been along for the ride the minute Miley Cyrus made headlines for their MTV VMAs performance, is set to begin his Blurred Lines Tour at the end of October and is currently promoting his latest single "Give It 2 U" featuring Kendrick Lamar. Meanwhile, at the box office, Patton's latest film Baggage Claim, released last week, is falling flat with 3.7 out of 10 star rating on IMDB and a 16 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes with critics.

But Alan, who seems to be an eternal optimist, is certain that the couple's careers are set to flourish well into the future.

"It's amazing. It's a rocket ride," Alan told Us of Robin's hit song "Blurred Lines." "I'm thrilled for him. I've always dabbled in music. If I could have grown up to be Robin Thicke, I would have. But I'm glad somebody in the family did."

Awwww. Nothing is more adorable than a dad being so proud of his son for achieving greatness, but that doesn't make him Brad Pitt. No offense, Mr. Thicke, but it's going to take a lot more than months atop the Billboard charts, a controversial VMA performance, and a new movie to cement that status. (Even though Patton is as lovable as her ridiculously gorgeous wardrobe.) Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been working on it for YEARS — they won't be toppled that easily. (Especially considering they spent plenty of time as Hollywood's most-hated couple.) Get in line behind Jay and Bey, Ben and Jen, Tom and Gisele, and Victoria and David, because there's a long road to the top and you haven't quite paid your dues yet. Also, adopting kids from other countries isn't a requirement to be considered for power couple status; don't be ignorant, Alan.