Rebel Wilson Is Getting Offers From Several Diet Companies, And That's Sad

Rebel Wilson is a hilarious comedienne who, after wide success in Australia, won over our American hearts, first with her charming yet disgusting role as Brynn from Bridesmaids (will we ever forget that infected back tattoo of the drinking worm?), then with her role as Fat Amy in 2012's Pitch Perfect. But, blame her character's name in the aforementioned film, it seems like all the conversations that surround Wilson are about her weight. Even off-screen, her name is always proceeded by "plus-size," as if that's the only characteristic that defines her.

And now it's being reported that weight loss companies are literally fighting to have Wilson as their spokesperson. Wow, gross. On the one hand, Wilson does invite the attention — most of her comedy surrounds her size, and the actress was a Jenny Craig Australia spokesperson in 2011. But now she's juggling offers from various companies that are trying to court her to become their new face. Good on her for being a ball-busting negotiator, but this makes me blue.

Wilson did say that she wouldn't be signing a diet deal to look thinner in her show, Super Fun Night, however. ABC is not pressuring her to lose weight for the role. At the very least, I'm glad that Wilson is looking for a weight loss spokesperson deal of her own volition, but I hate that her body is being treated like a commodity — oh, we need the one plus-sized comedienne who's in the spotlight right now for our company to be our brand! And why is it that only diet brands, and not traditional brands, are interested in Wilson, whose charm helped Super Fun Night debut to respectable ratings?

Hopefully Wilson squeezes like a billion dollars out of Jenny Craig, or something, but continues to deliver her patented sense of humor regardless of her size. I trust her as a comedian and person (she just seems trustworthy, you know?) that she really is doing this for her own personal reasons. Hollywood is a horrible place for self-image and self-esteem, and I always thought that Rebel Wilson had a great attitude and body image — she didn't really give a damn what people thought about her. Let's hope she continues not to give a damn.