Elijah Can't Be Dead On 'The Originals'

It's still haunting you, isn't it? The explosive ending to last Monday's The Originals was a surprise — even to those of us that are used to Julie Plec ripping our hearts out week after week on The CW. In the final moments of The Originals "The Devil Is Damned," Elijah may have died. At least, that's what the series wants us to think or worry about so often that it's been impossible for me to accomplish basic tasks for the past week. But, if you've been paying attention for the past five years of vampire drama on The CW — and I know you have because you're a brilliant Julie Plec fan — you know two things for certain: no characters stay dead on Julie Plec's vampire series and there are very few things that can kill an Original vampire.

So, is Elijah Mikaelson dead? Aside from the fact that last Monday's explosion would be an unceremonious and completely undeserved "death" for one of The Originals best characters, it's just not possible for an Original vampire to die in a fire. Both The Vampire Diaries and The Originalshave gone to great lengths to make us realize how indestructible an Original vampire is and that they can only truly be killed by a White Oak Stake. So, rest easy, Elijah fans, because there's no way the series' resident feminist is dead for real. And if you still don't believe me, here are 7 ways an Original vampire CAN'T die.


ELIJAH ISN'T DEAD EVERYONE — sure, it'll hurt a bit for him to be on fire, but it can't kill him.

Werewolf Bite

Unlike regular vampires, Original vampires can't be killed by werewolf bites. They will fall victim to the same side effects (which we saw happen to Elijah in Season 1), but they'll only last a few hours.

White Ash Dagger

Unlike the White Oak Stake — which is an Original's ONLY weakness — the White Ash Dagger will simply immobilize the Original until the stake is removed. (Aka this is what Klaus did to his siblings often.)

Wooden Daggers

Yeah, these aren't going to work either. Sorry.


Again, it'll be uncomfortable for an Original to be in the sunlight without their daylight rings, but they can't die from the sun.


Super uncomfortable, but not deadly. Sorry not sorry, witches.

Physical Harm

You can't beat an Original to death — not that you'd try, but still.

Images: Annette Brown/The CW; buckywinchesters, proud-to-be-pure-evil, kiserinu, i-was-already-yours, ohmyklaus, shilerx, teenwoof/Tumblr