This Nut Saved My Mom's Skin After Chemo

Macadamia nut oil is gaining in popularity, as more and more research is finally being conducted about macadamia nut oil topical benefits for ailing complexions. Sorry to break the bad news, but there's no such thing as a miracle product or oil that will completely remold your face overnight into something it never was. That literally could not exist, because all of our skin needs are quite different. However, some of us are still determined to find as close to a miracle as possible; recently, I've taken on this task for my mother after she was diagnosed with cancer. It has only been in recent months, that I've understood the healing properties of macadamia oil and was able to revel in the results.

We were prepared for chemotherapy to rob my mother of her full head of hair, her eyebrows, and her eyelashes — or rather, I was prepared. If being robbed of her daily routines and being tasked with fighting cancer wasn't frightening enough, the simple fact that she is slowly beginning to not recognize herself was devastating for my entire family. Although, she's been fortunate enough to keep her energy level with only moderate sickness, what has kept her indoors, along with other patients going through chemo is the toll it has taken on her natural beauty. That's when macadamia nut became a must-have to restore her complexion and confidence.

My mother, being my original source of natural remedies, obviously was unhappy with the amount of chemicals she needed to have pumped into her body to potentially kill the cancer. She was royally pissed when each treatment brought random dark patches across her face and excessive dryness. Obviously, an ideal treatment for her complexion was going to be natural, moisturizing, and lift the scarring. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of valid sources out there that will actually state that a natural product can heal skin conditions from chemotherapy — that would be grounds for serious liability and need extensive research that isn't available. I can't offer that evidence either, but I can offer anecdotal evidence from other cancer survivors and my mother's personal battle that may help others in the same boat.

Having a nut allergy myself, I hadn't considered macadamia nut oil until speaking with Cherilynn, an aromatherapist at Aura Cacia, about the many people who have found relief with macadamia nut oil, an excellent natural product to restore complexions and rejuvenate drying skin. After some digging, I found this to be true particularly in those that have suffered from harsh chemical treatments like chemotherapy. The oil has versatile healing properties for anyone looking to combat aging and dry skin.

According to Livestrong, macadamia nut oil is high in antioxidants that promote healing and because the oil is light, mimicking the natural oil our skin produces, it's an effective treatment for all skin types to use, without irritation. The oil contains palmitoleic acid which can delay skin and cell aging as well as prevent water loss in the skin, therefore it helps skin retain a youthful, healthy appearance.

Macadamia nuts grow in various places around the world, they are native to Australia and commercially grown domestically as well. The oil is derived from pressed nuts of the tree and therefore obviously not safe for those of us with nut allergies. According to Food for Breast Cancer, the nuts are naturally high in fiber, vitamin E, iron, zinc, and calcium and this nut-based oil is listed on the site as one of the most suitable oils for cancer patients and survivors. Not only have many sought solace in macadamia nut oil to alleviate skin conditions from cancer, but according to Livestrong, researchers have found that the oil promotes new collagen production, which can lead to a reduction in appearance of wrinkles.

As previously mentioned, the research on macadamia nut oil, specifically how it relates to chemo patients, is scarce. It may not be the magic potion for all patients and it certainly won't cure wrinkles and dark spots overnight. Still, as my mother's complexion continues to improve, I couldn't possibly keep this natural remedy to myself. It is my hope that anyone suffering from the dark patches and the brutal skin changes that chemo or other chemical treatments leave behind may find comfort in macadamia nut oil. These are a few of the DIY recipes that my own mom is diligently using to restore her natural beauty.

1. Daily Restorative Face Cleanser

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This recipe is intended to be a daily regimen to tone skin, alleviate dark patches, lift sagging skin, and moisturize. Don't be intimidated by the list of ingredients; this recipe is super easy to make and completely natural. Here's what you'll need:

Steep the chamomile tea in 1 cup of water, adding the raw honey after 2 minutes to allow the thick honey to dissolve easily. Next, add the oils and blend or mix vigorously. This mixture can be used twice daily on make-up free skin as a cleanser.

Weekly Clay Mask

Hi Mom!

This clay mask was first tested out on my roommie to make sure it didn't cause irritation or excessive dryness, and it proved to be a great restorative treatment. I used one tablespoon of European green clay by the Frontier Group and added two tablespoons of brewed chamomile tea, one tablespoon of macadamia oil, and 12 drops of jasmine essential oil. I chose jasmine oil specifically for its many claims as being an anti-depressant. According to sources at, essential oils are used in cancer patients to improve the general well-being of patients and survivors. According to Science Daily, the jasmine flower is steadily being researched for being an a new therapy for cancer treatment. More importantly (and definitely factual), my mother loves jasmine.

Image: Rae Allen, wgossett/Flickr; Aura Cacia; Kristin Collins Jackson