Kimye's Eyes Looked Super Creepy at 'SNL 40'

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were among the hordes of A-list celebs who showed up at SNL 40 last night, but something about them was a little... different. (Well, more different than usual, considering their strange breed of celebrity.) In honor of Kanye's first performance of his new song "Wolves," the couple both sported blue eyes with seriously dilated pupils and expanded irises. That can only mean one thing: Kimye is trying to make circle lenses a thing.

Kim and Kanye aren't the first to wear circle lenses on U.S. soil, but the Asian import beauty trend certainly may see a boost after Kim's "wolfie" selfie hit Instagram. In case you're not familiar, circle lenses give eyes an anime-like look and come in a wide range of colors. Lady Gaga made them popular for a hot second after she wore them in her video for "Bad Romance" (even spawning a YouTube tutorial by Michelle Phan including the lenses), and they've seen a slight increase since then.

Maybe Kim and Kanye will be responsible for taking this trend to another level (and possibly spawning a large number of eye infections from using unregulated and frankly, sketchy, contacts.) Time will tell, but no matter what, creepy, right?

Images: KimKardashian/Instagram