You Need To Do This Art Project With Friends

Art is totally at our fingertips, guys. Most '90s kids will always remember the highly popular colored-sand-layered-in-bottles project. It grew in complexity and beauty when such exotic tools as pencils or sticks were used to drag color layers into each other, creating downward spikes in the design. We were freakin' sand artistes. As an adult, rarely are we granted the opportunity to craft something similar in terms of majestic-to-DIY ease ratio. Where are the latter-day art projects that give us the perfect combination of simple creation and highly psychedelic, satisfying results. Most art, no matter how easy the artists making it say it is, for most of us is actually maddeningly far from elementary in its construct. Like nail art? I want to be good, or even passable, at nail art so badly but that doesn't mean I can or will be. Some of us just aren't blessed with artistic talent, but that doesn't mean we lack the desire to create something beautiful.

Finally, there is one form of exceptionally rad-looking art I'm pretty sure we can all pull off, given a set of steady arms and enough paint. New York-based artist Holton Rower recruited a group of calm-limbed pals to help create what he calls "pour paintings". In their creation, he and others systematically set cans of paint in a specific order, then taking turns pouring zealously into the center over and over, allowing the run-off to dribble down the side of structures. The paint pools in a series of technicolor ribbons and it's straight-up incredible. If you come to any party of mine anything in the near future, please expect to see this set-up ready for action because we are definitely getting drunk and doing this.

Image: RaveLikeDave/YouTube