13 Non-Health Reasons To Quit Smoking Right Now

by Alicia Lu

This past Sunday on Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver looked inside the shady mega-industry that is Big Tobacco. While the segment focused on exposing Big Tobacco's strategy of suing countries into dropping regulations, Oliver also introduced a new mascot that was a hybrid of Big Tobacco's brand and the health dangers of smoking. Underneath the satire, Jeff the Diseased Lung is a walking reminder of the most obvious reason you should quit smoking — lung cancer — but there are a myriad of other reasons you should quit smoking that aren't health-related. In fact, there really is no good reason anyone should still be smoking cigarettes.

While countries like the United States have made significant progress in reducing the smoking rate among its people by cutting back on cigarette advertisement and enforcing new regulations, Big Tobacco has found ways to keep people hooked. Even without any marketing tactics, cigarettes themselves are extremely addictive. One of the main components in cigarettes is the drug nicotine, which creates a physical and psychological dependency in the smoker that makes them addicted. If the smoker stops, he or she will experience nicotine withdrawal.

There are also behavioral reasons that lead people to smoke, like peer pressure. Similarly, adults who smoke sometimes don't bother quitting because it's what all their friends do, and quitting cigarettes would put a major damper on their social life. Besides, smoking helps people de-stress and relax. Everyone needs their own way of relaxing, right?

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Yeah, it doesn't matter what reasons you give for smoking, because they are all asinine compared to the many, many more reasons why you shouldn't smoke. And it's not just about your lungs turning into Jeff the Diseased Lung. Besides the countless health risks linked to smoking, here are 13 reasons you should quit that have nothing to do with your health.

You Would Save A Ton Of Money

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In 2013, the price of a pack of cigs spiked to $14.50 in New York state. Do you know how much pizza you can get for $14.50? That's almost the cost of an entire box of wine.

You Would Stop Affecting Other People's Health


According to the American Cancer Society, secondhand smoke also causes cancer and a host of other health problems. Every time you smoke, the people around you are at risk — is that what you want for your friends and family?

You'll Age Better

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Smoking speeds up the aging process of your skin and causes more wrinkles to appear.

You Can Stop Going Outside In The Freezing Cold Like An Idiot

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It's 2 degrees out and you're going outside to put poison in your body? Smart.

You'd Stop Giving Money To The Sleaziest Industry Ever

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Just refer to Oliver's segment, which, by the way, only scratches the surface of why Big Tobacco is evil.

You'll Be Less Likely To Burn Down Your House

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You don't want this to happen.

You'd Become A Better Role Model To Young People In Your Life

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Your younger sibling, nieces, and nephews look up to you as a role model, so do you really want them to follow your lead and start smoking someday?

You'll Be Able To Taste Foods Better

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According to WebMD, smoking dulls your taste buds, making food taste more bland — why would you want to derive yourself of life's greatest pleasure?

Your Hair And Clothes Won't Stink Anymore

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And maybe people will want to be around you more.

You'll Be Eligible For Work Incentives

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Some offices will offer incentives and bonuses to employees who quit.

Your Teeth Will Be Whiter

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Smoking yellows your teeth...

Your Breath Will Be Fresher

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...and gives you bad breath. Ever heard of the expression, "It's like kissing an ashtray"?

You'd Make Your Friends And Family Ecstatic

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Quitting smoking would be the best gift you could ever give your loved ones.

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