You're Probably Already Rocking This NYFW Trend

For those of us currently braving the Arctic tundras of the northeastern and midwestern United States, there's a bright side to that whole 'I've just stepped out of a wind tunnel' look you've been sporting lately. Hat hair is trending at New York Fashion Week!

While you may not feel exactly chic with a frozen face and runny nose as you're struggling to get to work every day, the creative minds behind the beauty looks at NYFW have been embracing the "trends" that winter has been forcing upon us (and by trends, I clearly mean the drastic measures we undertake to make sure we don't get frost bite four times a day). For some, that means continuing the #iwokeuplikethis, makeup free beauty phenomenon that's been everywhere lately (especially on the street when I cry off all of my eye makeup during my morning commute — thanks, wind chill). And for other designers, their shows are all about trying to recreate the windblown, or matted hat hair style. Does this mean I can be a fashion week model, now??

Yes! According to Fashionista, designers such as Kate Spade and Donna Karan have been embracing the way your hair goes flat and slightly frizzy after taking off your beanie into the newest runway trend.

For Anthony Turns - the hair stylist for the Creatures of the Wind show - that means deliberately destroying a pre-styled look. "I'm completely destroying it, I’m wrecking the whole thing... Like she's worn a hat and taken it off." And for stylist Bob Recine at the Kate Spade show, it means celebrating and showing off imperfections. "The whole idea is we don't want to perfect beauty, because then we sacrifice charm. It's charming, almost like you just took your hat off."

While I'm firmly part of the camp that believes the runway is the place for flawless, ethereal beauty (aka not the hat hair I'm stuck with because of crappy weather), there's something comforting about this movement to accept the imperfections that life throws at you. So next time you're upset that the -5 degree temps are going to destroy those bouncy curls you've just perfected, just tell everyone it's totally intentionally. It's a NYFW trend, after all!

Images: Getty Images, wfctv/Twitter, creaturesofthewind/Instagram