Beyonce Wore Ugg Boots and Sweats Out In Public Because Even Queen Bey Will Sacrifice Style For Warmth and Comfort

I could care less what fashion sins Ugg boots and pajamas commit. It's like, three degrees in New York City this week. Comfort (and warmth) win out over style every time, and if you need more convincing, this will help: Beyoncé wore sweats and Ugg boots out in NYC Monday night (surprisingly), and still looks so darn cool (not surprisingly).

I guess even Bey needs a break from the heels and fierce outfits every now and then, because the "Drunk in Love" singer was spotted out to dinner in her closet's most comfy pieces. Clad in a a gray onesie and black Ugg boots, the 33-year-old bundled up and tried to go incognito underneath her hood — well, as incognito as you can be for being Beyoncé.

As basic as the ensemble was, Bey still managed to make a statement, topping her onesie with a pretty sweet embellished camo jacket. It's not an outfit you'd necessarily expect from Yoncé, but she still manages to make it look super chic. To be totally honest, I could just as easily picture this on her husband, Jay-Z. But somehow, the Queen makes it her own, likely starting a late winter trend, which is more than welcome. I'll take any excuse to feel better about wearing my Ugg boots out in public and even though Vogue already proclaimed the fur-lined footwear's comeback, I wasn't completely convinced until now. So, thanks, Bey!

Images: Getty Images; celeb_magnate/Twitter