Reverse-Flash Is Finally Unmasked On 'The Flash'

The final moments of Tuesday night's new episode ofThe Flash brought the actual huge reveal to the big reveal we've known all along. After scooping up General Eiling — literally, with his super speed — "the Man in the Yellow Suit" whisks him away to a sewer. Then, the Man in the Yellow Suit goes to pull of his Yellow Mask, and for a second you think OH this is where the episode probably cuts. But it doesn't. It keeps going. And now, we know 100,000 percent that Harrison Wells is the man in the yellow suit, making him Reverse-Flash.

Also, Wells/Reverse-Flash/The Man in the Yellow Suit has Gorilla Grodd at his disposal, and as quickly as he brought Eiling down into the sewer, he's dragged away by the gorilla. That's neither here nor there, though, because you guys, Wells isn't just staring at that suit in his lair, he's actually using it. And now we know for certain. Because he took off his mask!

This only raises bigger questions, and the big one is: how long until everyone else finds out? There's a high chance that Eiling won't make it out of Grodd's clutches alive, because did you see the way he was dragged away? Also, if he does make it out, you know as soon as he gets above ground he's going to tell the world about what he's seen, and what's been done to him. Probably not what Wells intended. This Wells secret might die in the sewer, only to be unmasked another day. Or, it could surface. (And Iris might have that story she's looking for!)

Wells also mentions to Eiling that he's not to be seen as the bad guy in this situation, because he's "looking out for his own" aka, the metahumans. Oh, OK, Wells, we're going to agree to disagree on that fact until we have a little bit more evidence to support your case. So, you say you're only helping the metahumans, and we'll say that you still have that super shifty futuristic newspaper and also you can walk and no one knows. So you say you're helping the metalhumans, and we call shenanigans.

He can't keep this charade up forever, though. As more and more people learn his secret, soon everything's going to come out. He can't keep on pretending he doesn't know everything when he actually has it all neatly aligned for his endgame. Or can he? Only time will tell — or maybe, will time travel tell? Who knows.

So as you digest the last few moments of tonight's Flash, think of happier things, like, what kind of smart and sassy remark is Cisco going to have about all of this?

Image: Cate Cameron/The CW