What Is Harrison Wells' Endgame On 'The Flash'?

Tuesday's episode of The Flash, "The Sound and the Fury," once again saw Harrison Wells return to his super secret lair inside of S.T.A.R. Labs. Aw, it's good to be back there, isn't it? The decor is so comforting, it looks like a great place to entertain friends. OK, but really, it's kind of terrifying because what is he even doing in there? During the last moments of The Flash, Harrison Wells has a tachyon prototype strapped to his chest, like that's a thing you see every day. Wells also mentions his "endgame" and we have to wonder, what is that?

First up, what the heck is a tachyon? It's actually a real thing, but it's a real hypothetical thing. Basically, it doesn't really exist. It's a particle that is always moving faster than light, but for any of us who went through all of high school physics, you'll know that nothing moves faster than light, not even Barry Allen. It appears, though, that Wells is using this tachyon thingamajig to bring up his speed — which he even mentions to his talking computer, Gideon. He's losing speed, and he's mad about it.

Also, remember, the tachyon prototype that Wells is using was stolen from Mercury Labs, by none other than the Reverse-Flash. And, remember, Reverse-Flash is actually Wells, so whatever he has cooking up, he's been planning this for a long time. Now it looks as if his device is losing power, and fast. So he better get to his endgame — no pun intended — fast.

But, what is this endgame exactly? Though he's been playing the role of adversary to Barry Allen for the past few months, it's quite possible that this endgame finishes with Wells somehow taking The Flash's powers. Think about it for a sec — he's been helping Barry this whole time, making him nice and fast, but it's not for Barry's benefit. It's for the benefit of the Reverse-Flash. It's because the Reverse-Flash is losing speed, and that's not something Wells is OK with. It also appears as if he'll stop at nothing to get that speed back.

Better start watching your back, Barry.

Image: Diyah Pera/The CW