Two Guys Cover "Welcome To The Jungle" On Cellos

There was a dim period of my preteen life that I have some trouble remembering (I've done an impressively good job of forgetting junior high) when I played violin in the school orchestra. I recall the entire string section being subjected to charming labels like "orchestra nerd" and other equally clever burns on our relative lack of coolness. It's been many years since those awkward times, and I am happy to say that the orchestra nerds are finally being avenged by these two cello players who covered Guns N' Roses' "Welcome To The Jungle" and slay every second of it.

We're all familiar with the original version, which, as I understand from my musically-inclined friends, is no small feat even to play on the electric guitar, making this cello cover that much more impressive. But when you take a look at the way their bows are flying, you will have an entirely different appreciation for cellists and the crazy stuff their bodies have to do to stay in time with this kind of music. I CANNOT LOOK AWAY. Between the ridiculously sleek cellos, the impossible hand movements and some extreme hair flipping that gives every Disney prince a run for its money, this cover has everything you never knew you needed in your life.

This is probably some of the most hardcore orchestral shenanigans the internet has seen since the Danish National Orchestra collectively ate hot chili peppers while performing "Tango Jalousie" (talk about suffering for your art). The group in this video call themselves 2CELLOS, and are comprised of two Croatian cellists, Luka Sulic and Stjpen Hauser (THOSE NAMES THO. Hot.) These guys also happen to be touring in the U.S., finding success beyond their many popular YouTube videos. Recently they even toured with Elton John. That's legit. Prepare to get your mind blown by the power of your new favorite string instrument:

Image: YouTube