This The Best Solve On 'Wheel Of Fortune' — Ever

by Alanna Bennett

Ready to feel inadequate today? Or, alternatively, inspired to go out there and take on the world as your best self? Look no further than, uh, Wheel Of Fortune , whereon a contestant guessed a word puzzle answer correctly with only one letter on the board. Is this man a wizard? We may never know.

So who is this mysterious wizard of a man in a gorgeous Hawaiian shirt? His name tag says Rufus, and he guesses "championship match" with naught but a "T" on the board.

How, Rufus? Who are you really? Who sent you here? What is your mission?

Regardless, I kind of love that the phrase he won on was "championship match" — because whether or not Rufus was a ringer or a wizard, he is indeed a champion. A champion who, after that beautiful display, gets to take home $1,700 to nurture that steel trap of a brain and maybe buy even more lush Hawaiian shirts.

The rest of us, meanwhile, are left to contemplate if we will ever experience a moment of glory so pure and leave our competitors' eyes wide and jaws slack quite the way Rufus did here. May he be welcomed home in style like the true champion that he is.

You can witness his victory below:

Image: CBS