Lessons Taylor Swift Taught Us About Dancing

No lie, when it comes to awkward dancing Taylor Swift is the queen (but in a totally good way of course). When it comes to awards shows, the cameras always know to pan to Taylor in the audience because really, you never know what you're gonna get: just that whatever it is, it's going to include some rocking moves, and it's going to be absolutely awesome. Even at her concerts, she's known for her notorious hair flips (ah, the days of the Fearless Tour) — and who can forgot the "Shake It Off" music video, with those amazing moves? But more recently, she's been spotted dancing on jumbotrons at New York sporting events (with The Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon to say the least).

So, what makes her dance moves so remarkable? Maybe it's because she doesn't really care who's watching her. T. Swift doesn't care what you think of her shuffling shoulders or wild fist pumps, she's just gonna keep doing her no matter what you say. So, are you a fellow Swiftie looking to gain that same momentum in your own life? Here are a few lessons Taylor taught us about dancing like no one is watching (and not caring if they do see you).

Sing it out while you shake it off

Here Taylor multitasks the shimmy shoulder while she lip-syncs the words to this song at the CMAs.

Be fierce…always

This beat is — serious? Taylor is really feeling the music at this AMAs performance.

Use your hands to interpret the song

Taylor's a bird, spreading her wings while she enjoys her time at the Grammys.

When it doubt, air guitar it out

Taylor really gets into as she breaks out in her "You Belong With Me" music video.

Dance with your BFFs

Nothing better than jamming with your besties on the set of your music video, "22."

Or dance with a random stranger

When a singer takes your hand at the Teen Choice Awards and asks you to dance, the answer is always why I would love to.

And when all else fails, dance alone

There is no shame in dancing by yourself. Taylor proved this when she rocked out at her Red Tour rehearsal.

Images: Giphy