Woman Seeks Divorce Due To Lack Of (Enough) Sex

Divorce is always a bummer, no matter what the circumstances, but I'm not going to pretend that I'm not at least a little pleased with this story for turning upside the completely ridiculous stereotype of men in heterosexual relationships always wanting more sex than the woman. In this case, it's the dude who isn't putting out enough to keep his wife, um, happy. A woman in Dubai claims that her husband has failed to fulfill her desire to have sex two to three times a day. (No, but really, WHO has that kind of time? I have so many questions about this woman's schedule.) According to a source for Gulf News,

The wife claims that her husband can only have sex with her three to four times a week… but she deems that unsatisfactory. After she and her countryman husband failed to reach an amicable settlement, the case was referred to the Sharia Court to look into the woman’s divorce claim.

In the ongoing trial, the court has maintained that the woman lacks sufficient reason to divorce her husband, and the presiding judge went so far as to suggest that she seek medical attention. The wife refused and, according to Gulf News’ source, argued “that the defendant [husband] should either be able to please her or grant her a divorce.” The court has since sent the husband to see a doctor to make sure he’s fully able to…er, perform in the bedroom.

On the one hand, I think that most people would agree that having sex three to four times a week is pretty good for a married couple (or any couple, really). On the other hand, the woman in this case has the right to want what she wants, without being told that there is something medically wrong with her. It seems to me that these two are simply sexually incompatible, a problem that is very difficult (and, in many cases, impossible) to solve. The best thing would seem to be for these two to shake hands, walk away from each other, and find people with whom their libidos are more in sync.

Image: Paolese/Fotolia; Giphy