We Want To Go Where This Hedgehog Goes!

Considering the last time I took any sort of trip was two months ago and I somehow ended up somewhere that looked exactly like the place I was taking a vacation from (but 10 degrees colder), I'm pretty jealous of new Internet celebrity Biddy the Traveling Hedgehog. Based out of Portland, Oregon, Biddy is documenting its little hedgehog travels all over Instagram — and it is seriously the best. Biddy's two owners, Toni DeWeese and Tom Unterseher, take Biddy on exciting adventures all over the Pacific Northwest every week to explore and take in the unparalleled beauty of the greenery, mountains, and forests of the region. It kind makes me wish I were a hedgehog. Or more specifically, that hedgehog.

When the little creature isn't adventuring, it's usually busy maintaining its 367,000 Instagram followers — which, as it's owners noted on Bored Panda, is an inexplicable number, because reminder: BIDDY IS A HEDGEHOG. When I saw that number I, too, was shocked. Some of Biddy's photos have upwards of 65,000 likes, which is significantly more than all of the likes on my 480 Instagram posts combined. In fact, it's honestly probably triple or quadruple that... but then again, this isn't just any old hedgehog going on ordinary adventures we're talking about here. It's the cutest hedgehog in the world having the most beautiful adventures ever.

Check it out. Here's Biddy straight chillin' with some hills:

And Biddy at Larch mountain:

Biddy being really cute and tiny next to a giant pumpkin:

And being even cuter and tinier next to some giant redwoods:

Biddy probably about to take a dip to cool off from the exhausting hedgehog life:

Biddy sniffing out the next great adventure:

And my personal fave, Biddy's best Insta-moments of 2014:

If you can't get enough of Biddy, you can find more of the little muffin on its Storenvy page and on Instagram @biddythehedgehog. You can even buy merch and send fanmail! Happy Hedgehog-ing!

Images: biddythehedgehog/Instagram (7)