18 Spring Break Memes To Get The Party Started

As I’m sure you know, spring break, the most glorious (read: grim) holiday of parentally sponsored debauchery — a.k.a. spring vacation, Easter vacation, Easter break, March break, mid-term break, study week, reading week (hahaha that’s ridiculous), The Big Spring, week o’ bad decisions, or YES JAMES FRANCO YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE WEEK OFF TOO, depending on your school’s particular vernacular (but let’s keep it real, I made a couple of those up) — is right around the corner. It’s hard to say what the “best case scenario” spring break experience looks like when the options are bleak, bleaker, and bleakest, so whether you’ll be cutting a rug on the sandy beaches of Cancun with your three best friends whose names you’re too drunk to remember (srsly is her name Shelley or Sheila? ...or Shovel? IDK), sitting alone in your dorm room eating your roommate’s entire back stock of mac n’ cheese (she said she wanted to go on a diet, so you’re actually doing her a favor), or helping your mom sort through her never-ending scrapbook supplies, I compiled 18 of the best spring break memes on the Internet to help you celebrate this hapless holiday of tequila and wet T-shirt contests, for better or worse.

So mix yourself a spicy marg, and get the party started with this collection of hilarious spring break memes that you’ll definitely relate to, no matter who you are.

Hey, at least you can't get chlamydia that way!

Oh no reason, just plz do it now. #springbreak #cancun #notsorry

To-do list: done.

Keep your mind on your money and your money on that hot guy from the University of Arizona... and his friend... and his friend's friend.

Spring Break Siberia! (Or Wisconsin.)

Oh my god, I bet you're exhausted — your life is SO haaaaaaaaaaard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dancin' for the MTV cameras like...

"Yeah yeah, those sound like great spring break plans NOW SHUT UP BECAUSE I CAN'T AFFORD TO GO." — me, in high school, college, and still

"Creepily" is such a strong word... maybe "supportively"?

So same, basically? Seems about right...

Which is lucky for you, because who wants warm weather and sunshine anyway?

How spring break feels when you're 20. #love

And how it feels when you hit 30. #dontgiveafu

That awkward moment when you already know the answer is no.

And at night, I'll be Skyping into Señor Frogs for some Mai Tais!


BFF <3

Rum: The official sponsor of bad decisions since 1651.


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