10 Things To Do If You Forgot To Plan Spring Break

by Leah Wynalek

When you’re in college balancing a rigorous schedule of classes and partying, it’s hard to find time for much else. During exam time, you’re basically a paper-writing, coffee-guzzling machine — that Starbucks table near the most convenient wall outlet is actually your home now. When the agony finally ends and you see the glorious light of spring break, you realize you were in such a studying stupor that you forgot to make any fun plans. Your friends are all going to Florida, and you’re stuck in your run-down apartment… they’ll be drinking margaritas and frolicking in the sand, and you’ll be drinking boxed wine and talking to your cat. But instead of wallowing, you should plan an awesome staycation.

I know the word staycation is kind of obnoxious, but at least embrace the concept. With a week of no classes, you can finally relax and do all of those things around your city that you never have time to do. It might still feel like Winterfell outside, but spring weather is coming and you have a week off, so make the most of it. So where do you go? Try escaping to one of the destinations on this last-minute spring break itinerary.

1. A nearby tourist attraction

Live near a quirky roadside attraction (the world's largest ball of twine, perhaps), or a strange museum? Check it out. I once took a day off work to visit House on the Rock, and it was so weird and wonderful. There was a doll carousel that looked like something straight out of Pretty Little Liars, so I obviously got my money's worth.

2. Hogwarts

Make some butterbeer and start re-reading the Harry Potter series. You may be a muggle, but you can still get lost in the wizarding world.

3. Your bed

I've gotta throw this one out there. Sometimes you just have to burrow under the covers and sleep the day away. Enjoy it while you can!

4. An outlet mall

Drive to the closest one and hunt for bargains. You're not spending money on a spring break trip, so you can treat yourself to some new clothes.

5. Go visit a friend

You know that friend who lives just a couple hours away? Now's your chance to finally go see her. If you don't have a car, catch a bus or train... friendships are worth it.

6. Outdoors

Hike in the woods, ride your bike on a trail, or just stroll through a city park. The fresh air will do you good.

7. A soup kitchen

Volunteer! Whether you serve at a soup kitchen or canvas for a political cause you're passionate about, now's the perfect time to get involved.

8. Relive the '90s (or early '00s)

Sadly, time travel isn't an option. But you can always eat Warheads and rewatch your favorite childhood shows. Who needs real friends when you can hang out with Dawson, Joey, and Pacey all week?

9. A winery or brewery

Need I say more?

10. Home

Going back to your parents' house for the week might not sound like the most exciting option, but someday you're not going to have the free time to visit them often. Just think about how happy your mom will be to see you — and all that free food.

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