6 Sneaky Ways to Save on Fashion

Darlin’, you work hard for your money. And you love fashion. So it makes sense that (like any sane person) you spend half your paycheck each month on clothes. But just maybe it's starting to make you sad to spend all your hard-earned salary looking terrific—which, we all know is a full-time job in itself. Fortunately we've got some awesome tips for saving money and creating badass looks.

Almost anyone can look fabulous if they drop tons of dough (case in point, Liberace). But with these fashion websites, you'll be able to deliver diva looks on a working girl’s dime. Not only that, you can get smart with that surplus cash in your pocket and get ye a savings account. Using this handy guide, build all the basics of a fabulous wardrobe with the right leggings, v-neck camis for layering, and the season's hottest blazer. For beyond cheap. From there, accessorize with glamour purses and eye-catching jewelry to create whatever kind of look you want. Boho chic, glamour goddess, preppy princess, the world is your (affordable) oyster.

Here are six sneaky ways to have an affordable wardrobe that makes you look like you spent a million bucks.

1. Find the Perfect Tank Top

Forever 21 has nailed the perfect tank top. The material is magic. It’s thick enough to hide body bumps, but sleek enough to be layered. The subtle v-neck provides the sneaky cleavage we all adore, it comes in every color under the sun, and it costs $1.90. Seriously. $1.90. You can own a rainbow of wardrobe joy for less than a Happy Meal. And we all know which of those looks better in the long run. Old Navy also makes a fantastic v-neck cami in all the necessary colors for well under the price of your daily latte.

2. Opt For Underwear That's Functional (But Sexy)

Your lovely lady garments are the best way to save serious wardrobe bucks. If you rock Agent Provocateur each day, you keep doing you, baby—you’ve clearly got a vision. But if you’re dropping over $10 for a basic cotton thong, it’s time to redirect. Get your fine behind to Target for the perfect cotton panties or lace thongs. Aerie, by American Eagle also makes undies that are massively discounted when you buy in bulk. Check out their mini cheekies in lace for maximum cuteness.

3. Get Yourself a Good Pair of Basic Black Leggings

Matt Carr/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

We know that you know that black leggings are an integral part of every girl’s wardrobe. But what you probably don’t know is that you can pay way less for them than you do. Pull some sneaky Mid-western mom moves and buy your basic black leggings online from JCPenney’s. They’re a fraction of the cost compared to some of the more hip retailers, and girl, are they fabulous. They won’t let your pretty bum shine through the back when you bend over, nor will they get all nubby when you wash them several times a week. Ross Dress for Less has higher end products like Hue leggings at discounted prices, too. Pro tip: Go on weekdays when all the chaos is in school.

4. Add a White Hot Jacket to Your Closet

The 2015 New York Fashion Week runways were all about white. Before you go out and drop top dollar on a snazzy name brand, consider your options. Zara makes the most darling women’s blazer with patterned lining that’s perfect for life. It has the slightest texture to keep it interesting, and the tone suits a broad spectrum of skin colors. For an evening vibe without looking like a tuxedoed waiter, New York & Co., has a super cute party jacket in white crepe. Places you can wear your new white coat: date night, job interview (See! It’s making you money already!), ladies’ brunch, shopping with Grandma, tea party, strip club, etc. Places you can’t wear it: No Where.

5. Shop Designer Handbags At a Discount

You have the best arms, honey. They deserve a treat for looking so damn great. The good news is you can get your arm candy guilt-free at Nordstrom Rack. It’s a handbag miracle around there. Top-end designs, like this See By Chloe handbag, abound for a fraction of the retail price. If you don’t have a Rack in your area, visit their online store and get free shipping on purchases over $100. TJ Maxx is another solid go-to for mid-range handbags at great prices, or if you're feeling extravagant in your budget mode, Neiman Marcus' Last Call has sweet deals on the higher-end goods.

6. Stock Up on Super Saver Statement Jewels

Living the luxe life doesn’t have to break the bank. For some seriously stylish bling, try the Rainbow Frank Collar. This BaubleBar necklace puts other costume jewelry to shame. It goes with everything, yes, even your magenta tracksuit, and is so delightful we just may eat it. At $68 it’s a steal, but H&M has more affordable accessories that pack similar drama. Charlotte Russe also carries striking statement jewelry for crazy cheap so you can experiment with every trend.

The versatility of the basic leggings, tank, and blazer give you the opportunity to make a statement with your jewelry and handbag. Go on and get crazy, girl! With these adorable ways to save, you’ve earned it. Maybe just enough to treat yourself to those new Jimmy Choo pumps you’ve been eyeing.

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