Happy National Margarita Day! 22 Margarita Recipes & Food Ideas To Help You Make The Most Of This Holiday

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All hail February 22, a day also known as National Margarita Day. Although tequila may spur a mixed bag of memories and emotions, it is important that we recognize all the times margaritas have been there for us and pay them their due respect... by drinking them all Sunday long (sensibly alternating with tall glasses of water, obviously). Because we are responsible adults who have never turned to a classic margarita on the rocks (or three) with a good friend as opposed to seeking the guidance of a licensed therapist.

And what's a margarita without chips and guacamole? Or tacos? Or quesadillas? These 22 recipes represent the best of the Internet's margarita variations and the foods you need to compliment the drink of this day, and so many other days.

Image: Jelly Toast

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