How To Wake Up Crazy Early For 'House of Cards'

It's been far too long since we've looked into the cunning, manipulative eyes of Frank Underwood as he lets us in on his scheming ways. (The first time I was admittedly thinking "Whoa who does he think he is, Zack Morris?" but I've come around to enjoying these little inside info chats.) Luckily, we'll be hearing all about Frank's plans from his own lips again very, very soon. House of Cards Season 3 streaming time starts crazy early February 27 at 12 a.m. PT (3 a.m. ET), when we will finally get to see what life is like for Frank and Claire in the White House. Despite that early timeslot, immediate binging is the only way to go (I would know, I did it for Seasons 1 & 2). There's just no way to stop at one or two new episodes when a total of 13 are available and practically tugging your shirt collar with one finger and a seductive glance. Needless to say, it's going to be a long night — or should I say morning?

You might as well start experiencing phantom illness symptoms and prepare to take work off on that Friday because the Underwoods have a way of demanding your full attention right up until end. But beyond dealing with the aftermath, the other issue is making it through the entire night. How are you going to swing that? You're not a teenager anymore, and a two-liter bottle of Surge with a sleeve of Oreos on the side will not keep you up all night without making you feel like you've obliterated your insides. With that in mind, here are some adult ways to pull an all-nighter. (Frank and Claire are worth it, after all.)

1. Take A Pre-Season Nap

You need to trick your body into thinking that midnight is your regular morning, so if you can, hit the sack around 6 p.m. so that you can feel slightly refreshed and ready to rock at midnight (or 3 a.m. for you East Coasters).

2. Make A Bucket Of Coffee

You'll need help staying awake in the form of liquid energy. Make as much as you need.

3. Invite Some Friends Over

Only a terrible host would fall asleep in the middle of a party, so having friends over will not only keep you jazzed up and awake, but it'll also keep you accountable and able to resist those tasty-looking z's.

4. Change Your Eating Schedule

Your body will be all, "WTF, dude?" And that's what you need in order to keep those eyes open. After your nap, and right before the premiere becomes available, make breakfast. A plate of bacon and eggs at midnight is never a bad decision.

5. Know That You'll Sleep All Weekend Once You're Done

No matter how tired you feel during the binge sesh, you'll know there's a light at the end of the tunnel if you've already planned to sleep the weekend away. You CAN do this. Just keep on keepin' on.

6. Have A Pre-Premiere Dance Party

Even if it's only for a minute or two. This will push a wave of adrenaline through your bod and your brain will be alert and ready for all the scheming.

7. Keep It Chill

Maybe don't cozy up under a blanket with a mug of hot cocoa while you watch, because that's too comfortable and you'll probably doze off. Keep the TV room straddling the line of G-D FREEZING! and mildly chilly to keep everyone awake. Besides, there's nothing more on the nose than feeling mildly uncomfortable while watching House of Cards, am I right?

Happy (Almost) House of Cards Day! #OneNationUnderwood

Image: David Giesbrecht/Netflix; Giphy (8)