This Cat Can Moonwalk To Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" And It's Legitimately Amazing — VIDEO

First, I feel the need to admit something before launching into this: I LOVE cats. Like, you maybe like cats; most people like cats. But I am seriously in love with them. I have one sleeping on my lap right now as I type this, and I couldn't be happier about that. I find them charming and worthy of our love. They are wonderful companions and (it feels appropriate to include at this moment) very efficient at warming laps. However, they're not exactly famous for mastering and performing tricks. They don't boast a lot of learned coordination. Dogs can at least fetch, maybe follow other commands like going in for a high-five/paw, etc. I have my cat pretty well-trained to run to the kitchen when I shake his dry food (I know, I'm a horrible cat mom) around in its bag—but that is seriously the extent of his training. You really can't tell most cats to do...anything. This one cat, however, is in possession of a trick that defies all cat stereotypes. Maybe it's through the formidable power of Michael Jackson's pop sensibilities, or maybe even the power of MJ's ghost? Anyone's guess. I don't know what fuels this cat's impressive moonwalking, but I'm not. mad. about it.

Sporting a bold, yet understated, vermilion onesie, the fearless, flat-faced feline prepares its body for showtime. Its owner cues the Jackson classic "Smooth Criminal" to inspire his kitty friend to get moving. And then it's time for pure moonwalking magic as the fluffy cat funkily backs away from the camera. Something tells me Michael Jackson himself would be pretty impressed.