Ellen Introduces Us To 'Fifty Shades Of Disney'

People have been flocking to movie theaters in droves to see Fifty Shades of Grey ever since it came out, to the point that it made $235 million in its opening weekend and has solidified its status as a pop culture phenomenon. And, if there's one person we know we can trust to jump on a pop culture phenomenon, it's Ellen DeGeneres. She's always the first to discover a talented new child prodigy, or give Justin Bieber another chance, or follow up on a trend, and her treatment of Fifty Shades is no different.

Playing on the fact that the movie has made the aforementioned hundreds of millions of dollars already, she joked that other movie studios were rushing to jump on the bandwagon to produce raunchy content of their own. Even Disney isn't immune to the pressures, which DeGeneres "proved" by showing a parody Cinderella trailer, which she'd newly-edited to make it seem Cinderella and Prince Charming get just as... ahem... intimate as Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. Whips and leather and Red Room of Pain included.

I don't do... romance. HA!

Helloooooo, lady in a Lily James wig getting gently stroked with a riding crop! How are you today??

And what an expression of wonder to have on your face while you're topless and tied to a bed by both wrists. But isn't that just like Cinderella, always seeing the good in everything?

You can watch the whole thing below, but just be forewarned that you're gonna have a hard time ever seeing Lily James and Richard Madden in the same light again.

Cinderella: After Midnight! So perfect and hilarious, right? I love it. If you want to see the normal version of Cinderella , that comes out on Mar. 13, although I'm being told it will have decidedly less slowed-down "Crazy In Love" backing it, so it's your call.