Justin Bieber Went Back To Brunette, To The Relief Of Everyone

If you are like me, and you absolutely despised Justin Bieber's platinum blonde locks, then good news! The pop star's hair no longer looks like Eminem circa "The Real Slim Shady" (thank god). Our prayers were finally answered on Wednesday when Justin Bieber debuted light brown hair on The Ellen Degeneres Show. And he's even got a new hairstyle to accompany his more subdued locks!

The big reveal came after the Biebs publicly apologized to fans for his recent arrogant and conceited behavior, saying that he actually does care what people think of him. He is definitely hoping that fans see him in a new light, and a change of 'do seems like a good start. The "Baby" singer opted for a caramel brown hue that looks much more like his natural color. In addition to the dye job, his hair appears longer and more tame, with an edgy, modern-day comb-over. Justin's new look exudes a much more grown-up, mature, and manly vibe. He even looks rather — dare I say it? — dashing.

Whether or not this physical change will actually bring about a change in his behavior, we can only pray. Let's hope his external makeover equates an internal one too.

Image: Instagram.com/ justinbieber