How Many Oscars Does Julianne Moore Have? The 'Still Alice' Powerhouse Is Kind of a Big Deal

Julianne Moore is what the Oscars are made of. She's such an immensely talented actress in the sometimes messy and corrupt land of Hollywood, that the Academy should probably just hand out gilded statues with fiery red locks that look exactly like her. And yet, somehow Julianne Moore has never won an Oscar. Is this bonkers-insane to anyone else? I need a second to pick my jaw up off of the floor, here. But fear not, because 2015 just might be a victorious year for Moore.

Not that it hasn't been a successful year already. Her performance in the powerful big screen adaptation of the novel Still Alice (the story of a middle-aged woman who slowly comes to terms with her early-onset Alzheimer's diagnosis) has given her the chance to bat cleanup around the award circuit, and Moore has already won over 15 industry awards for this one role. Whoa. Umm.... good luck, everyone else? Two of those awards were the Golden Globe, and the Screen Actors Guild Award, which are repeatedly consistent indicators of who will win the Oscar.

In many of these award ceremonies, not only has she dominated with wins for this role, but she also went up against herself for her recent role in Maps to the Stars. I guess when you're at that level of greatness, that only thing standing in your way is you, right? Meryl feels you, Julianne.

And if you dive into the part of your brain that cherishes all of your favorite shows and movies, you'll notice that Julianne Moore is in each and every one of them. Oh, Hunger Games is your favorite movie? Meet President Coin. Is Crazy Stupid Love the ultimate rom-com in your eyes because it has RyGos and everyone else you adore? Julianne Moore is in that one too. Oh, Liz Lemon is your BFF and you can quote 30 Rock in your sleep? Meet Nancy Donovan, Jack Donaghy's former love with an adorably sloppy Boston accent. And you loved Tina Fey's killer Sarah Palin impression? Well, nobody does Palin quite like Moore in Game Change. See? She's in every fictional land you call home.

The wonderful thing about all of this is that whether or not she wins the Oscar, doesn't really matter at all. I mean, sure. It's always great to see stars you love get all humble in their acceptance speeches. But even if she doesn't win, this is certainly not the last time she'll be nominated. I don't have a crystal ball and even I can see that her future is so bright it's practically blinding. Every project she touches becomes cinematic gold, so luckily, this is just the beginning.

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