Julianne Moore Wins a Tough Globes Category

Let's be honest, sometimes awards shows can be extremely predictable. And when that happens in too many categories, the whole thing just becomes boring. Luckily, that's not the case for the 2015 Golden Globes, since the Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama category was one of the most uncertain of the night. The trophy really could've gone to any of the five powerhouse actresses, but in the end it was Julianne Moore who won the Golden Globe for her role in Still Alice. In her acceptance speech, Moore said that someone told her no one wanted to see Lisa Genova's book of the same name made into a movie, because no one wanted to see a movie about a middle aged woman. Clearly, that person (who sounds like a sexist jerk) was wrong, as Moore's incredible performance was clearly not just seen by many, but now honored by the Golden Globes.

And Moore should really be proud of that honor, considering she beat out Jennifer Aniston's unexpected, dramatic turn in Cake, Felicity Jones' portrayal of Jane Hawking in The Theory of Everything, Rosamund Pike's breakout role as the complicated, sinister Amy Elliott-Dunne in Gone Girl, and Reese Witherspoon playing Cheryl Strayed in the highly lauded adaptation of Wild. Sure, you may have been rooting for a favorite, but I think most film fans would have been fine with any of these actresses winning, as these five performances were easily the best of 2014, and it's hard to rank any above the others.

Of course, that's exactly what the Hollywood Foreign Press Association had to do, making Moore the winner. But there's still the Academy Awards, and I bet the Best Actress category there, combining drama and comedy, will be even harder for fans to predict and for the Academy to decide. Oh and guess what? The group their choosing from is largely made up of middle-aged women, who audiences and critics alike could not get enough of.