The Northeast Is Getting Trolled On Twitter

As if facing subzero temperatures day after day and bundling up but still shivering while indoors wasn't bad enough, some people living in warm-weather states are busy laughing at us. Sure, it's easy to gibe us from under a palm tree while laying in your porch hammock, but we'd like to see you come up here and see what it's like. Complaining about 51-degree temperatures when we're experiencing frostbite-inducing freezing temperatures and negative wind chills in the Northeast isn't exactly fair. OK, deep down we're just jealous, but that doesn't mean we appreciate these suntanned humans trolling us on social media.

Sure, Florida kind of has a right to be freaking out right now. Some South Florida residents are waking up to unprecedented low temps in the 40s and even 30s. The entire region is breaking records with unusually low temperatures, like 42 degrees in Miami and 49 degrees in Key West — Key West, as in "tropical Key West." So, yeah, we don't blame you for being angry. However, don't look at us up here in the Northeast as if we're responsible for your cold front.

Have you been up here? We're all human icicles right now, so we don't wanna hear it. And the fact of the matter is, your cold front will pass. Look at your forecast for the next five days — it's going back up to 81 degrees on Monday!

As for us? There's no end in sight for these freezing temperatures — I'm ecstatic that New York will break 40 degrees for a day on Sunday.

And it's not just Floridians trolling us on Twitter. People in other warm-weather states are also taunting us with pics of sunny blue skies, sandy beaches, and swaying palm trees. Whether they mean to or not, it certainly doesn't make us feel better about our frigid situation.

Right now, I'd be thrilled to take your low.

Good one.

Oh, and here's what's happening in Los Angeles.

Et tu, Mindy?

And over in Texas...

Then there's Las Vegas, where snow has a totally different meaning.

I don't blame you, DJ Flo Matic, I don't blame you at all.

But just a reminder to all of you warm-weather people? This is what it feels like in the Northeast right now.

Images: The Weather Channel, Getty Images, Giphy (1)