Lance Bass Brings A Good Cause To 'Pump Rules'

Fact: Lisa Vanderpump has a pretty glam lifestyle. Not just from what we've seen on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules, but also from her friendship with a former *NSYNC member. As a '90s kid, that's all it really takes, am I right? On Monday's episode of Vanderpump Rules , Lance Bass brings a pet adoption to PUMP with the help of his friend Lisa to promote adoption over buying animals at pet stores. We know Lisa is a long-time pet lover (If she wasn't, would she treat her Pomeranian like a mini-royal?) but what would make her bring a pet event into a restaurant?

Bass has long been promoting "Adopt Don't Buy" (Buy Buy) — I'm sorry, I had to — through his work with Peta. Bass started fostering dogs from shelters years ago — which probably brings on a rush of feels if you're anything like me — and has used his celebrity to promote dog adoption and speak up against overpopulation (H/T Bob Barker). Vanderpump has also used her celebrity to promote a similar agenda, that there are millions of dogs that need adoption, or good foster parents, similar to the way Bass has done so.

So How Was The Event?

The event took place at PUMP — aka the cooler sibling of SUR in Vanderpump's restaurant conglomerate — and allowed a lot of puppies to find new homes with attendants of the event. The event was supporting Lucky Puppy Rescue and Retail, a 100 percent not-for-profit retail store that gives all of its proceeds to the companies rescue dogs. Bass, Vanderpump, and others posted photos of a few of the little guys that found new homes.

Where Were Giggy & Ken?

Ken even got in on the event, and even though he is cheating on Giggy by holding another dog, I think Giggy would be OK with it since it's for a good cause.

It's really nice to see that Bass and Vanderpump are using their names and brands for the better good. Vanderpump is doing just fine it seems, financially, so it's not like she really needs the publicity by hosting an event like this. Instead, it seems like she just really wants to help a friend (Bass) and all of his fuzzy, cute friends with Lucky Puppy Rescue.