15 Pieces of 'Sherlock' Fan Art That Are Gloriously Kooky & Awesome

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Sherlock has been gone a long time. Two years. For a show as rabidly beloved by those who watch it as Sherlock is, that's a damn long time. Especially since we don't know when Season 3 will return. But the hiatus has also resulted in a little bit of cracky fandom fun to pass the time. Oh, did we say a little bit? We meant a deluge. A heaping frothy slashy ton. And the show's fanbase is glorious, and weird, and full to the brim with insanely talented people who have practically created an entire subculture of art around a show about a haughty consulting detective played by Benedict Cumberbatch and his grumpy Hobbit of a best friend, played by Martin Freeman.

That's right, friends: It's time to explore some of our favorite wacky Sherlock fanart. Don't even get us started on the .gifs.(Mostly Safe For Work? Probably?) Image: Twitter

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