Lena Dunham Wore The Ultimate Dog Shirt

You know how they say that people and their pets eventually start to look like one other after a while? Well, I can't discern too many similarities between Lena Dunham and her dog Lamby Antonoff — but that hasn't stopped Dunham from taking matters into her own hands by buying some matching doggy/owner shirts. And not just any matching shirts, but custom tees from the cult favorite, Los Angeles-based indie brand Clashist. You may remember them, since this isn't the first time Dunham has sported the brand: She wore their Samantha Jones tee as pajamas at Christmastime, after all.

Clashist is famous for their incredible graphic printed shirts, swimsuits, and leggings — often emblazoned with the faces of celebrity favorites (Ryan Gosling 4E). In fact, there's also a shirt featuring illustrations of all the times Dunham was naked on Girls. The Girls creator posted the selfie showing off this particular duo's new gear on her Instagram this Friday, immediately striking jealousy into the hearts of dogs and their owners alike. Although I'm sure if you're the type to wear matching shirts, you are probably the type to refer to yourself as a dog parent. I mean, I do: And we just have matching bows from Vaute Couture.

Despite the popularity of the shirt on IG (42,000 "likes" and counting) and requests by fans of the pup to be able to purchase their own copy of the top, the item is not listed on the retailer's site and Clashist has yet to mention any plans to do so. Which sorta makes sense: I mean, it's one thing to wear your own dog's face while walking around livin' life but it's another altogether to have strangers sporting your pooch's mug. Me? I'm just searching for how I can get my dog's face on a shirt — if I ever become famous, now you know why.

Images: Getty; Instagram/lenadunham