You're Going to Be Jealous of Her Pajamas

You most likely spent your Christmas day lounging in one of the following: a college t-shirt and shorts, matching onesies with your siblings, or yet another pajama set that your grandparents gave you. Touché. Touché. While that is perfectly acceptable for the holidays, your pj's didn't compare to Lena Dunham's holiday getup. Continuing in her "I woke up like this" posts, Lena Dunham posted an Instagram photo of herself in a Sex and the City t-shirt, making us all wish we would have added that to our Christmas lists this year.

The Girls' creator and cast member wasn't giving a shout out to the SATC cast, but rather using the social media site as her soapbox to thank all of those who were gifting her new book, Not That Kind of Girl, for the holidays. In the caption she wrote:

This is how I feel seeing pics of you getting/giving my book as a holiday gift! Seriously that is 85% of what motivated the design- I wanted it to be a real object you could love and share and let age and hand down. Thank you for making my holiday dreamz come true! (And yes that is Samantha Jones in many power looks on my shirt. Thank you @clashist)

Dunham might have gained 85 percent of motivation from the book design, but we're 110 percent jealous that she slept in Samantha Jones from SATC jammies while we spilled eggnog on our fleece Santa pajamas.

Well, not that jealous. It turns out that we all can adorn ourselves in the unabashed and unapologetic Sam Jones from our favorite television series. Los Angeles-based design company, Clashist, is the mastermind behind the SATC tee, and it can be yours for only $55. The website even takes a normcore approach to styling the tee, pairing it with mom jeans and Ryan Gosling socks, which they also designed. And there goes all of your Christmas money.

Images: @lenadunham/Instagram; @kellyoxford/Twitter