21 Tom Hiddleston Memories We Never Want To Forget

To be honest, Tom Hiddleston could talk about anything and I'd still listen. But I'm pretty partial to Hiddleston's memory-themed BBC Radio program. I'm a nostalgic person by nature, so hearing him read classic works of literature about memory was pretty much a dream come true.

The actor stopped by the show on Sunday along with actress Eleanor Bron to read work by extraordinary writers like William Wordsworth, Ted Hughes, William Blake, and more. Hiddleston has always been a fan of poetry, and he really brings the words to life when he recites them.

Take, for example, the snippet of P.G. Wodehouse that Hiddleston read for the show. It really sums up why memories are so special.

A thing I have found in life is that from time to time, as you jog along, there occur moments which you are able to recognize immediately with the naked eye as high spots. Something tells you that they are going to remain etched, if etched is the word I want, for ever on the memory and will come back to you at intervals down the years, as you are dropping off to sleep, banishing that drowsy feeling and causing you to leap on the pillow like a gaffed salmon.

Hearing him read those words reminded me of all the memories I have of Hiddleston throughout the years. He's accomplished so much since he rose to fame in 2011 after War Horse and Thor premiered. In fact, he's done so much that it can be easy to forget some of things he's achieved. So in honor of Hiddleston's BBC Radio memory program, I've sifted through his history and sussed out the 21 Hiddleston memories his fans should never forget.

When He Was Called A "No Name"

He's come so far!

When He Made A Baked Potato for Charity

As part of his Live Below the Line challenge, Hiddleston was limited to eating for only $1.50 a day to raise awareness for world hunger. He clued us into how restricting that can be by showing us his lunch of a single baked potato. It was an enlightening, and also adorable, video.

When He Got Really Excited About the Olympics & The Dark Knight Rises

This just in: caring about things does make you look cool.

When He Did the Ice Bucket Challenge

That's Tom Hiddleston for you, always looking good while doing good.

When He Played The Sax

The BAFTAs were amazing if just for the fact that Hiddleston played the sax. If anyone who was there has video of that night, they need to make it available to the Internet ASAP.

When He Taught Us (And Cookie Monster) About Delayed Gratification

Which is maybe the most important thing a Hiddlestoner can practice since the actor will deprive us of his face for months at a time. But he always comes back in the end, we just have to be patient.

When He Sang "The Bare Necessities"

It really doesn't get any cuter than that.

That Time He Impersonated A Velociraptor

His impressions span far and wide from his fellow actors to animals.

When He Supported Feminism

The only thing better than regular Tom Hiddleston is feminist Tom Hiddleston.

When He Was Forever Driving In Puddles

His Top Gear episode was the best for several reasons, but mostly because of his inner monologue about the wet condition of the roads.

When He Surprised Everyone at Comic-Con

In 2013 Hiddles stopped by the Marvel panel in full Loki garb and told the whole room to kneel. It was flawless.

When He Auditioned for Thor

There had been rumors floating around that Hiddleston packed on 20 pounds of muscle to audition for the part that eventually went to Chris Hemsworth. Then, in 2014 the test footage was finally released and it was glorious.

When He Ran Up The Great Wall Of China

He looks so happy it makes me want to take up running right now.

When He Defended His Fans

It's really nice to know that you're respected by the person you admire.

When He Had A Slumber Party

Everything about this was the best. The dancing, the awkward question, "Have you ever seen Chris Hemsworth naked?" His affirmative answer and ensuing embarrassment, etc.

When He Tried to Say A Tongue Twister

Watching Hiddleston messing up and saying, "How deep did the dick go" and then laughing at himself is basically priceless. Oh, and he was raising money for charity again. Because he's the best.

When He Met Kids on the Set of Crimson Peak

Here he is playing Spider-Man with a little boy. On a related note: Can you imagine Hiddleston as a dad? Cue all the feels.

When He Participated In A Prank Interview

Smosh's interview had a lot of delightful moments in it from having Hiddles pretend to be Natalie Portman to renaming him Tom Kidneystone. And Hiddleston played along with all the jokes, because he's just that kind of guy.

When He Won Best Actor

I've been dying for him to get the recognition he deserves, and finally after his Coriolanus performance Hiddleston was named best actor at the Evening Standard Theater Awards. Next up: he needs to win an Oscar.

When He Went to Benedict Cumberbatch's Wedding

Sure, that was only a week ago, but I already know I never want to forget it ever. Hiddles in a fancy suit going to the wedding of his best friend and fellow Internet king? That's the stuff of dreams right there.

Him, Just As A Person, In General

I love so much of what he does, that it was really hard to choose my best memories of him during my time as a Hiddlestoner. But the biggest thing I don't want to ever forget is just who he is. So kind, so charming, so hilarious. My memories of him will burn on forever.

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