12 Summer Recipes To Trick You Into Thinking Warm Weather Has Arrived, Because Sometimes It's Just Fun To Pretend

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Ugh, winter. It seems like this awful, terrible, no good season will go on forever. I miss summer — and summer activities, and summer recipes, and summer lazy days not spent huddling under blankets. It seems like right now, the number of people suffering from SAD increases with every fallen snowflake. The snow days that even adults get to celebrate aren't even helping anymore because there has just been too many of them. Too many hours spent shoveling snow. Too many close calls with slips and falls on the ice. Too many mornings trying to manage cute outfits with ugly static cling.

Well, here's a way to make it all go away — at least, temporarily. Crank up the heat in your house, and make these delish summery dishes and drinks. They will remind you of BBQs, beach days, and sunny happiness that's on the way.

Image: Jelly Toast

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