Lupita Clearly Gets Her Looks From Her Mama

I've never met (or seen, for that matter) Lupita Nyong'o's mom, but after reading Lupita's Lucky Magazine interview, I kind of fell in love with her. The Oscar winner revealed that she doesn't feel the need to wear makeup because her mom never wore makeup, and now I can absolutely see why.

Nyong'o revealed a picture of her and her mother on the Oscar's red carpet on Sunday night, and not only are they totally twins (seriously, doing a major double take over here) with the same eye shape, full lips and button noses, but they are just so flawlessly gorgeous. The side-by-side photographs show Lupita and her mother posing with the exact same facial expression, and though the 12 Years A Slave actress has some eye makeup on, her mama is totally makeup free. And let's be real — neither of them actually need it. Lupita clearly gets glowing skin from her mother, and I love that they are both confident enough to let their natural beauty shine through.

The photo is obviously totally adorable, and when Lupita has a daughter of her own, I'm thinking we're going to need a third-generation shot to add to the equation, yes?

Images: Getty Images; Twitter/nairareporters