Ashley Olsen Shopped for Nude Art With Lake Bell — What Have You Been Up To?

God. Sometimes it's just like, rich people, you know? They're just so rich. And I'm so not. And it's not like I really want a naked statue in my living room, but still. It's the principle. And I'm not sure what that principle is, but I know that when there's a Take Home a Nude benefit for celebrities, there's something somewhat wrong with the world. Take Home a Nude was an auction, held at Sotheby's Tuesday night, which put nudes on display and let famouses bid on them. The money earned goes to the New York Academy of Art, and everyone wins.

Except for, of course, us, who are decidedly nudeless.

But you know who picked themselves up a nice little nudie patootie? Ashley Olsen. According to Page Six, she bid on a naked sculpture then, get this, even waited for it to be wrapped up, thus delaying her arrival at some "VIP dinner." The absolute horror.

Also in attendance to flaunt incredible wealth and their taste for the human form was Olsen's boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy, Naomi Watts, André Balazs, and Petra Nemcova. Lake Bell was also on hand, which is awesome, because I can just imagine her tweaking the nipples of a nude statue, then bursting out into Lake Bell laughter.

All in all, the gala just sounds like it was a real gas, guys, a real gas, I say. 'Twas just another day in the life of the rich, famous, and artfully-aroused.