13 'Parks & Recreation' Items To Treat Yo Self To Now The Show Is Over — Ovaries Before Brovaries For Life!

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I'm sobbing. You're sobbing. We're all sobbing. The time has finally come to say goodbye to our favorite Pawnee residents, those lovely Parks and Recreation cast members we've come to love so fondly over the last seven seasons. Wave goodbye to Mouserat. Say adios the Pitt behind Ann's house. Blow a kiss to Paunch Burger, JJ's Diner, and using frisbees as plates.

It's time to let your adapted hatred of Eagletonians go, stop getting your news from Perd Hapley, and mourning the loss of Lil' Sebastian. Parks and Recreation finally came to a close with its series finale on Tuesday night, but that doesn't mean you have to forget about your favorite government employees. With these exceptional samplings of Parks and Rec gear, you can treat yo self for years to come!

Image: Lookhuman.com

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