How To DIY Kim's New Blonde Hair At Home

by Miki Hayes

Not too long ago, my best friend decided she wanted to go blonde at home, so she enlisted my help. Neither of us had any experience with bleaching, and I had never dyed anyone's hair before. However, I consider myself pretty savvy in the beauty department, so I was ready for the challenge. Once Khloe Kardashian went blonde and then Kim Kardashian went even blonder , I was even more confident. After our bleaching and dyeing escapade, I definitely learned some helpful information and tricks that I wish I had known before we started. And in case you also want to try home-bleaching/dyeing, but don't want to be your own guinea pig, I've condensed what I learned from research, questioning the associates at Sally's Beauty (where we purchased the supplies), and our experience.

If you're ready to go blonde but have decided to go the DIY route (dye it yourself), there are a few things you'll want to know before you do. The first is that, if you don't already have any of the supplies you'll need, dyeing at home is not necessarily more inexpensive than having your hair professionally dyed. That means you might want to quickly crunch some numbers to figure out how much self-dyeing will cost versus the salon price, to see if the comfort of being at home outweighs the (potential) few extra dollars. But if you're set on the at-home route, here are the other steps you'll want to take:

1. Do Your Research

You'll want to know what your skin tone is before you pick your color. Do you lean warm? You'll want a blonde shade that has "honey" or "golden" in the name. Cool toned? You'll want a blonde that has "ash" or "platinum" in the name. And if you're neutral, you can mostly pick willy nilly.

2. It Takes Two

To make a thing go right. For real. Bleaching and dyeing hair can get messy and complicated, especially if you've never done it before. If you want your hair to turn out its best, you'll want a friend to help you reach all the difficult spots.

3. Proper Ventilation is a Must

Seriously. It gets really smelly. We tried dyeing in the bathroom with just the fan running and the door opened. It seemed like enough. But we didn't take into account just how long we'd be in there. By the end we started feeling a little light-headed. If you need to bleach and dye, do it during a time when you can open windows or even be outside.

4. Don't Skimp on Anything

That means enough bleach and dye in case it doesn't turn out how you want it to the first time around, clips to help properly section your hair, enough disposable gloves — you will go through multiple pairs — and towels you don't mind getting bleached and/or dyed.

5. Don't Make Other Plans for the Day

It always takes longer than you think it will. Just the bleaching can take hours. And if it doesn't turn out how you want at first, you might not want to have a big date planned with splotchy bleached hair.

6. Have Special Products Ready to Go

Blonde hair is more fragile than darker hues, especially when it's just been colored. It requires a lot of deep conditioner and purple shampoo to help it from breaking and becoming brassy. Make sure to have these products handy — especially the deep conditioner as soon as you're done bleaching/dyeing to give your hair a shot of much-needed moisture.

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