What Happens To Snow In 'Mockingjay, Part 2'?

It's no lie that when it comes The Hunger Games franchise, President Snow is one creepy villain. Not only does he run a government that watches children kill each other for entertainment, he also has that weird fetish with white roses. Oh, and Katniss said he smelled like blood. If that doesn't scream maniac, I don't know what does.

When we left Coriolanus Snow, he just had a heart to heart with Katniss, informing her: "It's the things we love most that destroy us." Obviously now we know he was talking about hijacked Peeta rewired to destroy Katniss, but what about Mockingjay - Part 2? What else lies in store for this terrifying leader? Well, according to the book, this is what we can expect. Attention: major spoilers ahead!

As the rebellion picks up, a group of rebels called the "Star Squad" set out to The Capitol to kill President Snow, including Katniss. The rebels quickly learn that President Snow has created a set of pods (a type of obstacle, similar to those in the Games) that release various weapons. One goes off in a Capitol neighborhood and everyone, including President Snow, thinks the Mockingjay is finally dead. However, the truth is quickly revealed and President Snow sends out a pod of lizard-human mutts, which results in the death of Finnick Odair.

During the final battle of the war, President Snow is about to call an official surrender, but a bombing outside his mansion (which kills both Prim and numerous Capitol children) interrupts him. From there he is arrested and found guilty.

Before Katniss is sent to his assassination, President Snow informs her that it was President Coin who set off the bombs that killed her sister, not him. She tries not to believe him, but deep down she knows he's telling the truth. So, instead of shooting President Snow, Katniss aims her arrow at President Coin, killing her instantly. As a result, a riot ensues, and President Snow is later found dead either by choking on his own blood or being trampled by the crowd.

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