The Best Makeup Looks From London Fashion Week

by Rosie Narasaki

Fashion week is probably about 85 percent about the clothes, but there's no denying the fact that makeup plays a pretty major role, too. After all, the looks that go down the runway create new trends not only in fashion, but also in beauty. I mean, think about it: There was that time Stella McCartney made crimped hair cool for the first time since about '97 (causing rejoice amongst Lizzie McGuire fans the world over), there's that bleached eyebrow look that seems to be perennially popular at runway shows, heck, there was even that time that Fall 2014 Fashion Week actually turned out to be pretty darn wearable (and easily replicable). All that's to say, London Fashion Week makeup looks were pretty amazing — and if that's like a forecast of beauty trends to come, we are in good shape.

So, what's the ticket this time around? This year, we saw everything from soft focus and windswept with rosy cheeks at Topshop Unique to bold (very bold) lips at Ashley Williams London — so no matter what your beauty preferences, LFW's got you covered. You've definitely got your pick of the litter, so let's take a look at the best beauty inspirations from London Fashion Week!


Now that is a smokey eye.

Hunter Boots

Bold brows are definitely here to stay.

Mary Katrantzou

Disarming yet interesting.


Black lipstick is a tricky animal, but Giles got it just right.

Ashley Williams

On the other hand, for the slightly fainter-of-heart, here's a vampy lip that's plenty dramatic, but not full on black.

Michael van der Ham

A smoked-out purple cat eye? It's like a win-win-win.

See? There's a little something for everyone out there on the runway.

Images: Getty Images; Instagram