Lady Gaga Teams Up With R. Kelly In New Album: Wait, What?!

Well, this is a weird little surprise. Always one to shock us all in whatever way humanly possibly, Lady Gaga recently revealed the tracklist and cover art for her upcoming album, ARTPOP — and while the art looks pretty much exactly as you'd expect it to, it's the tracklist that's a little bit of a head-scratcher. Because, on ARTPOP, Gaga teams up with R. Kelly for a track, "Do What U Want." That's right — Gaga teams up with R.-You-Never-Eating-Oreos-Again-Thanks-To-My-Song? Kelly. While you let that news soak in, take a look at ARTPOP's track list below.

1. “Aura”2. “Venus”3. “G.U.Y.”4. “Sexxx Dreams”5. “Jewels N’ Drugs” feat. T.I., Too $hort, and Twista6. “MANiCURE”7. “Do What U Want” feat. R. Kelly8. “ARTPOP”9. “Swine”10. “Donatella”11. “Fashion!”12. “Mary Jane Holland”13. “Dope”14. “Gypsy”15. “Applause”

T.I., Too $hort, Twista, sure — all collaborations that are pretty expected. A song title being "Donatella" right before a song called "Fashion!" Of course. "Sexxx Dreams"? Seems about right. It's track number seven, "Do What U Want," that's the real confusing part here, because of what it says right after: "Feat. R. Kelly."

Lady Gaga and R. Kelly? The guy who composed a Hip-Hopera called "Trapped in the Closet"? Yep, that would be him. I have absolutely no concept of how this song is going to possibly sound, or what R. Kelly is even doing here, but it does raise an interesting question: If R. Kelly is collaborating with Gaga, does this possibly mean that there'll be some sort of collaboration on a future R. Kelly project? It wouldn't be on his upcoming album, Black Panties, because the tracklist for that has already been released, but perhaps in some other form. Like, say, more "Trapped in the Closet"?

We can dream.

You can check out the cover art for the album below. ARTPOP is set to be released on Nov. 11.

[Image via Huffington Post]