You'll Never Look at Oreos the Same

R. Kelly either really, really likes Oreos, or this is a super NSFW song he just released. Either way, though, here is R. Kelly's newly released song, "Cookie," in which he talks about Oreos with such passion and amazing songwriting that it almost rivals that of his epic hip-hopera, Trapped in the Closet. Seriously, you'll never look at Oreos — or songwriting — the same way again. Just take a look at the lyrics, which include lines like, "I love to lick the middle like an Oreo/ Turn up/ I want to bite it and get inside it till I get you gone," and tell me someone didn't agonize for a long while to figure out what rhymes with "Oreo."

Anyway, "Cookie" is the first single off of R. Kelly's upcoming LP Black Panties (because of course), which is set for release on Dec. 3. You can check out the full song below — but one quick note before you do, you should probably keep the headphones on for this one if you're at work, because unfortunately, some people might take a lyric like "I love to lick the middle like a Oreo" the wrong way. Don't ask me why — no one should get between a man and his love for cookies — but they might.