The Tindy Relationship Gets Even More Complicated

Seven episodes in and most Eye Candy fans are already getting some action between two favorite characters. On Monday night's episode "SOS," Lindy and Tommy shared a kiss with Jake watching while on a case given to Lindy by her current sort-of romantic buddy Jake. The case involved Jake's friend Nick getting attacked while sleeping in a room rented out with a website called Virtual Slumber. Think Airbnb but way, way sketchier. The website ultimately led to a voyeuristic page called The Dollhouse that also allowed people to spy on others in different places around the city. However, after realizing that Nick's paid to have him attacked — which she did thanks to Nick's incessant cheating — Lindy thought the case was over, until she saw that she was "paid for" on the site.

Lindy decided a sting operation would be the best option to catch the person who paid to have something done to her, as it was likely the person paying the money could be the Flirtual killer who has been stalking and obsessing over her. But of course, Tommy had other plans and tagged along as Lindy "new husband" for the night. The two started out on opposite sides of the couch, being as non-romantic as humanly possible, as Jake and Lindy's friend George watched the feed with the police (but you know, illegally of course). Finally, Tommy's partner called him and told him to play the part, so he went in for what might be the greatest fake, but totally real make-out ever.

Just look at it. It's beautiful. But of course, Tindy fans can't get exactly what they want or this fake make-out would have turned into the real deal. Unfortunately, the kissing ended rather quickly and the romantic scene suddenly and quickly devolved into a frightening climax with Tommy getting temporarily paralyzed thanks to the Flirtual killer's paid associate, and Lindy getting kidnapped and almost branded with an X because she apparently broke the Flirtual killer's heart by sharing a kiss with Jake earlier in the episode.

But let's focus on the important information at hand shall we? In one episode alone, Lindy made out with two very good looking, very eligible men. This Tindy vs. Jindy (Jake and Lindy name, trying it out yet again folks!) love triangle and battle clearly keeps heating up episode by episode. Jindy might have the favor at the moment as Lindy and Jake kissed on purpose, while Tommy and Lindy did it for show. However it definitely seemed like more the longer it continued, and their affection when Tommy rescued Lindy from her attacker literally caused Jake to leave, despite him being the one who realized she was in trouble in the first place.

The biggest worry with the Tindy possible romance is however, that they're affection seems to always stem from one of them (mostly Lindy) being in harm's way. Could they actually be a real couple and have real feeling for each other when there aren't higher, more dangerous stakes at play? Guess we have to see what happens between the two if the Flirtual serial killer actually gets caught one of these days, and there aren't a million reasons to always need to protect Lindy.

Images: MTV (screenshot); dyingtoconnect /Tumblr (2)