9 Ways Life Gets Better Once Winter Ends

Winter is coming... to an end. FINALLY. Whether or not Punxsutawney Phil was right about winter lasting for six more weeks doesn't even matter at this point, because we're nearing the end of that predicted bonus winter period anyway, so f*** that groundhog. We will soon be excitedly watching the snow turn to mud and putting our winter coats in storage. And it's going to feel so, so good. This winter has been beyond brutal, and lately it has felt like spring would never come.

But the days are getting longer and colors everywhere are becoming more vibrant, so we're getting close to digging ourselves out of the giant snow pile winter has dumped on top of us. Now, there are a few aspects of spring that mildly suck (ugh, those puddles), but for the most part, spring is even better than fall, because winter is the worst and we're almost free from its chilly clutches. There are the obvious life improvements like lack of evil black ice on the roads, Niagara Falls will soon be thawed, and you'll be able to stand outside for more than five minutes without fear of frost-bitten toes. There are also the small victories that are surprisingly really wonderful. Here are all the simple pleasures we can enjoy once winter ends.

1. Iced coffee is a normal thing to drink

Drinking iced coffee drinks when it's snowing out is INSANE. So once the temperatures rise, people will stop giving you those weird looks when your grande latte is basically all ice cubes.

2. Beanie hair is a thing of the past

Our hair will no longer look like a flat and static mess after removing our winter caps, because those will be packed far far away.

3. Your closet has way more room

Winter is all about layers and general puffiness, so once the winter wardrobe is put away until next year, your closet will instantly get a roomy makeover that'll make you and your clothes happy.

4. Everything is more colorful

Spring causes an extreme color shift in the world, going from blacks and grays to pastel purples and yellows. Flowers are blooming, eggs are being painted, and the universe just appears more enthusiastic.

5. Spring doesn't have an accompanying emotional disorder

SAD sufferers will finally get some emotional relief because winter madness is starting to disappear.

6. Falling down in public is rare

Soon we'll be able to just walk without fear of cracking our skulls on the icy ground. The Earth is no longer trying to kill us. It's kinda nice.

7. There's a break from gift giving holidays

Getting gifts is all kinds of fun, and giving gifts is too. However, all of these exchanged presents have caused an excessive amount of red in our bank accounts, and we need some time to recover. Spring gives us that.

8. Your fave TV shows are back

All the good ones have returned from winter hiatus and will soon be airing their exciting and shocking season finales. So everything leading up to that is sure to be thoroughly entertaining.

9. Rain and rainbows

Rain is always a good time, and rainbows are even better. So yeah.

Image: MartinaK/Flickr; Giphy (9)