Real Girls And Instagram Girls Are So Different

The battle with Instagram is real: Trying to make every moment in your life, no matter how banal, look like an Annie Leibovitz photograph so that everyone may know how pristine and without flaw your entire existence is. This video by Tres Click has absolutely nailed the difference between real girls vs. girls who look awesome on Instagram. Real girls wake up looking like they literally just woke up; Instagram girls looking like they woke up like this. Those might sound like exactly the same thing but Beyoncé has educated us that they're actually not. When you "wake up", you're a disheveled mess who does not want to get out of bed. When you "wake up like this", you're a hot, fabulous woman who is ready to not only embrace but absolutely dominate the day ahead. Also, your eyebrows are already perfect, somehow.

The reality of life is that it doesn't always look like a magazine spread, which you could easily forget when glancing at the social media presence of someone who is a master at making it look like every moment is professionally lit and styled. And the reality of that is that, for some people, life is a magazine spread—but also it's sometimes a complete illusion made from clever editing, moment curating and filter choices. Watch the video below and feel less bad about your real girl life, because deep down we're all just real girls struggling for the perfect Instagram picture:

So basically, while we all wish we were this girl on Instagram:

It's far more likely that we're this girl:

Images: KayleenScott/Instagram; Giphy (2)